+About me
In my journey to find my place in the world, I have been accumulating experiences, places and above all human relationships.

Now I realise the purpose of life is to spread love through your work and actions and so I have chosen photography as my means to do so.

Nowdays I’m working as a freelancer photographer in Barcelona, Spain.

2015 Degree in Graphic Design, Eina BCN.
2017 Masters in Creative Advertising, Brother BCN.
The works at mariaymujer
2018 Photography anual course, Cobertura Photo SEV.

2019-2020 Hybrid Art Fair, MAD.
2018 La Rue del Percebe, Cobertura Photo, SEV.
2018 El árbol ausente, Biblioteca Infanta Elena, SEV.

+Publications & Awards
2018 Diario de Sevilla, SEV.
2018 Revista La Muy, SEV.
2017 Young Creatives cdec.
2017 Bronze Hack For Good 48h cdec.